Day 1 – Negombo
When yoy are in this fishing town of Negombo which is the closest city to the international airport you will experience fishing community at fish  market and nearby fishing village , Visit the Dutch Fort, and the Fishermans Bay.Fishing trip with a typical Sri Lanka Catamaran will be an optional activity.

Overnight stay at negombo

Day 2 -Kalpitiya
The ride to kalpitiya will take more than 3 hours since you will be stopped for snacks and sight seeing activities.Kalpitiya, quite remarkably, is a relatively untouched coastal area in the north western Sri Lankan coast. The beach in Kalpitiya is exquisite and unblemished by over-population. Sri Lanka’s biggest coral reef, The Bar Reef, off the coast of Kalpitiya, is a marine life sanctuary, ideal for scuba diving.

You can get an optional activity of Dolphin & Whale watching at kalpitiya. Other activities you wil be getting are kite surfing, safe river bathing , surfing, snorkeling and diving. Yoo will be given opportunities for tasting fresh sea food and lagoon fish.
Overnight stay at Kalpitiya

Day 3 -Wilpattu
One and hlf hours ride from kalpitiya will lead you to Wilpattu – the largest national Park in Sri Lanka.

It was forbidden to visitors through the long years of the war. You may get a Jeep safari ( Optional ) or just  ride through this beautiful jungle areas surrounded. You will be getting a lake bath and will taste lake fish for lunch.Arrive at Mannar for the night.
Overnight at Mannar

Day 4 – Jaffna Through Mannar
Off road or On road to Jaffna according to your choice.

You will visit the ruins of the Mannar Dutch fort & take a look at the famous Adam’s Bridge archipelago linking Sri Lanka and India. The next attraction is the oldest and largest baobab tree in Asia. This incredible tree, at Pallimunei, is said to be about 800 years old and has a circumference of nearly 20 metres.Then start the journey to Jaffna.
Overnight at Jaffna

Day 5 – Jaffna
Jaffna city , Nandikadal – the last battle Area ,the world’s most dangerous terrorist – Prabhakaran’s hospital bunker ,fruit farm ,Soosai’s house ,submarine boat yard ,Prabhakaran’s swimming pool and  Prabhakaran’s 4 tier bunker , SL Army Victory Monument and many more.
arrive Trincomalle and overnight stay
Day 6
Trincomalee is a port city in on the southern coast of Sri Lanka about 113 miles south of Jaffna. Trincomalee is one of the main centers of Tamil speaking cultur region the island. The Nilaweli beach nearby is one of the best in Asia. You may go to the Pigeons Island by a boat or just have a boat ride
Day 7 – Polonnaruwa – Habarana
After visiting the ancient city of Polonnaruwa which includes Gal Viharaya, The palace of King Parakramabahu, Pagodas, ancient constructions which are still remaining you will drive through the greenish and lake side pscenic journey through Giritale to Habarana
Get an Elephant back safari in Habarana and have a village tour
Overnight stay at Habarana
Day 8
In the morning, you will be visited the 8 th wonder of the world – Sigiriya kingdom on a giant rock.
This climb to the top of the rock and downwards journey will take more than 2 and half hours
Then you will be riding through jungle paths with lots of birds and butterflies.
After taking a traditional “ Belimal “ hot drink alternative to tea, you will proceed to Dambulla.Visit the Golden Temple which is a cave temple of Kings Era with lots of paintings and statues. It is on a rock with a panoramic view.
Start your journey back to Negombo
Overnight stay at Negombo or airport drop for the departure